Bone Loss Solutions

MITT Clinic is a multidisciplinary dental center, where experts in various dental specialties collaborate to offer you the best solution and treatment path to restore your teeth and smile, even in the most complex cases of prolonged loss of dental function and bone. 

Our team comprises of the best experts, each in his/her own field, with decades of combined experience. Our operating theatres boast state-of-the-art equipment, and we are positive that we have the right functional and aesthetic solution for every case, even for patients that were already deemed “lost causes” by other clinics. 

All the procedures in our clinic can be performed under general anaesthesia, using the newest materials and techniques. Our on-premises operating facility is licensed by the Israel Ministry of Health and managed by Dr. Haim Chefets, MD, a specialist anaesthesiologist, and Dr. Noa Barer, DMD, a specialist in oral medicine. 


This is a permanent solution for replacing a full arch of teeth where only four to six implants are inserted into the jawbone while a bar of dentures is adhered on top.

This system benefits include a minimal number of appointments that allow you to replace all of your missing, damaged, or decayed teeth at once. It enables restoring your smile and your confidence, while supporting a healthy bite, so you can eat, speak, and live as you would with natural teeth.

Zygomatic Implants

These implants are used in atrophied posterior maxilla rehabilitation. Zygomatic implants avoid grafting and sinus lift procedures and therefore contribute to a shorter and more comfortable treatment.

MITT Clinic is the only Zygoma Zaga Center in Israel – representing the prestigious Zaga system of zygomatic implantology. Zaga Centers is a network comprising only ~40 clinics around the world, performing zygomatic implants at the highest quality and precision.

Pterygoid Implants

These implants are used in atrophied posterior maxilla rehabilitation. This type of implants allows anchorage in the posterior atrophied/resorbed maxilla without sinus lifting or bone grafts, achieving stability and high rates of long-term success.

Short Implants

Often, after tooth extraction, bone becomes atrophied so we are not able to sufficiently place implants without encroaching on the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN). In this situation, one of our options may include using short dental implants. The short implants used in our clinic have shown long term success similar to longer implants.

Inferior Alveolar Nerve Translocation

Often, after tooth extraction, bone becomes atrophied so we are not able to sufficiently place implants without encroaching on the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN). An additional treatment option, aside of the aforementioned short implants, may include using a delicate surgical procedure of nerve translocation to allow proper dental implant placement.

Trefoil by Nobel Biocare

Often, patients completely lacking teeth in the lower jaw are nonetheless interested in single-day restorations. However, lack of bone for a sufficient number of implants was so far a major obstacle for single-day implantology, as were financial limitations of the patients. The revolutionary Trefoil system allows placing a permanent restoration of the entire lower jaw on three implants only, in a single day.

The Trefoil technique suits patients lacking teeth at the lower jaw. Even if there are existing teeth in need of extractions, these can often be performed simultaneously with placement of the implants. 

By choosing the Trefoil technique, more patients can enjoy a permanent restorative solution in a single day, even if they were previously deemed unfitting for this kind of treatment. It is a true revolution providing stability and confidence, already enjoyed by thousands of patients.

Why choose MITT Clinic?

The multidisciplinary MITT Clinic is located at the new Midtown tower in Tel Aviv, in a convenient location adjacent to major highways and public transportation hubs. In our clinic, you will find:

In addition, you will enjoy a comfortable and welcoming waiting room with a stunning view, and a well-equipped recovery room for your comfortable rest after complex surgeries. 

Information for Dental Professionals

התקנת שתלים דנטליים תל אביב

Operating Theatre Rentals

MITT Clinic operates three general-whole purpose dental surgery rooms. In our center we provide facility for all types of dental care including general anesthesia, using the latest materials and technologies. We offer a well trained specialized team of experts for operating rooms according to the regulations of the Israeli Ministry of Health under the management of Dr. Haim Chefets – well recognized anesthesiologist and Dr. Noa Barer – an expert in oral medicine.

Dental Continuing Education – Courses

In our Dental Center we offer cutting edge courses lead by a team of experts.
We invite you to stay up to date with the ever changing world of dentistry in our state of the art facility.

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Referrals and Consultations for Doctors

Our team of specialists offers dental professionals consultation and assistance in complex treatment cases, including cases requiring a collaboration between multiple specialties. In addition, you will be able to treat your patients in our operating facilities, aided by our specialists.