Periodontal Treatment

Recent reports have linked gum disease with Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and Pregnancy problems. The health of your gums has a direct effect on your overall health. Gum therapy can be either surgical or none surgical (scaling and root planning or application of local antimicrobial agents). Its aim is to reduce overall inflammation and preserve your own dentition.

A periodontal plastic surgery, In this procedure, the gum tissue or bone is removed to expose a greater area of the truth structure. The aim of this procedure may be for cosmetic purposes such as minimizing the appearance of a “gummy smile,” or prosthetic purposes such as exposing more tooth to support a crown or a filling.

This procedure is aimed at grafting gingival tissue onto the gums to build up the gums and cover root recession. The aim is to improve the appearance of your smile, alleviate teeth sensitivity, prevent periodontal recession and improve prognosis of the teeth.

Field Specialist

Dr. Hanni Tenzer, DMD

Specialist in Periodontology